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It’s almost hypnotic in design with its swirling pattern design on the wooden stem, this smoking wooden hookah available matching wooden handle hose. The shaft made by Dymondwood which is finished by replacement of the natural wood grain, and available various colors for your choice.
Dimension Hookah: 60cm Tall
Package Included
Hookah Bowl
Wood Stem
Glass Vase
Silicone Hose
Down Tube
Metal Ton
Sheena Hookah offers exotic wooden hookah stem and wooden hookah hose shaft, supply different amazing replacement design, each accessories was handmade by our skillful workers, quality guaranteed for long lifetime. Welcome OEM order.
Why Choose Us?
1. Professional design and skillful manufacture.
2. Competitive price with professional service.
3. Quick and safe delivery.
4. ODM/OEM available.Customized Wooden Hookah